About Jydeland A/S

Jydeland A / S is a well-renowned family business, which for generations has supplied labor-saving machines for agriculture worldwide.


Christian Gits Jensen, Director & Owner.

Christian is the director of the company Jydeland Maskinfabrik A/S.

Together with his brother Flemming they strive to become one of the leading Danish leaders in agriculture. Christian is responsible for the daily contact with our customers and suppliers, where he ensures that our costumers' needs are met.

He makes sure to draw up suppliers contracts that meet our and our customers' needs. In addition, Christian and Flemming are responsible for the area of innovation and development of new products for the BOBMAN family.

Christian handles the daily contact with our German-speaking dealers and our Danish customers. Christian is very proud to be able to ensure that our customers are always confident in our products which, are also adapted to their needs. Wether it is a customer-demonstration or a better understandingfor our products.

To get in touch with med Christian write to:

Flemming Gits Jensen, Director & Owner.

Flemming is the director of the company Jydeland Maskinfabrik A/S.

Together with his brother Christian they strive to become one of the leading Danish leaders in agriculture. Flemming isour graphic designer who ensures that our suppliers follow our new initiatives for our machines through his technical drawings. Detailoriented is one of the keywords that Flemming takes great pride in.

Development is a high priority at Flemming. As all new initiatives must be developed to meet our customers' needs.

In order to be able to further develop existing products or new, Flemming and Christian have a great curiosity with a strong focus on keeping up with the evolving technological world, in order to expand their knowledge. Their innovative and solution-oriented properties magic emerges, when the brothers reach out for the drawing board.

On daily basis Flemming is responsible for handling the logistics area with our dealers.

To get in touch with Flemming write to:

Dennis Gits Jensen, Project Manager/Designer & Co-owner.

Dennis is the project manager for new design initiatives for our products.

Dennis has a broad knowledge in the technical drawing and strives to make ideas and suggestions tangible and ensures the entire organization stands with a clear understanding of the initiatives. His role is the link between top management and the operational level that provides a unique insight into the current situation.

Dennis is the frontfigure in our development projects with a great enthusiasm with the leadership of various projects. He ensures that all internal and external deadlines are always met. He is the contact creator when it comes to involving new suppliers for future projects.

In order for our products to meet our customers' needs in the best quality as possible, Dennis sees a connection in the internal and external world. He believes in motivating the organization regardless of the position and developing products that are in order to meet the needs of our dealers and customers, to make it possible to produce durable and quality products. From that point of view, Dennis has a close and strong collaboration with all employees.

To get in touch with Dennis write to: