BOBMAN - The way to better milk!

BOBMAN is specifically designed to create a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable enviroment for your animals to make milk of the highest quality as possible.

BOBMAN does the ordinary cleaning and maintenance work easy to perform for the cattle farmers. The BOBMAN-series can clean the bed stalls and remove the old bedding while scatter a new and fresh layer of bedding in one operation. To keep down the cell count down and infectious bacterias are regular removed and filled with new bedding in the bed stalls essential.

These to actionas are performed simultaneously the result is milk with higher quality of milk and profit. Another benefit is that it takes less time to clean the bed stalls which improves the efficiency.

BOBMAN is included with a selection to make the costumer secure to select a machine that covers the desired needs: The bedding machine is suitable for dairy farmersof all sizes and will lead better hygienein the areas where your cattle lives.


The customer says:

After they started using equipment, Laura noticed an improvement in the efficiency.

"At one point, I distributed the bedding inall the bed stalls with a grip," she says.
"Now I can distribute the bedding in 100 bed stalls with this machine."

In addition, she had noticed the comfort level and quality of the milk from the cows have been improved.

"The cows has nolonger skin abrasions on their hooves and legs," she adds"We noticed that there have been fewer cases of mastitis since we got it.”

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