Fast & an effective machine that helps to dose the milk to the calves, so that they get exactly the amount they need and at the same time at the right temperature.

Why choose Bobman Milkbus 


For the farmer with a large herd of calves, the optimal choice would be a Bobman Milkbus, which is battery powered.

Depending on the size of the crew, the Bobman Milkbus is available with a 2.2 Kw engine or a 5.2 Kw engine, depending on whether you choose to have the machine with a 500 L tank or a 1000 L tank. The Bobman Milkbus is also equipped with 4 powerful lithium batteries, which means that the machine has a longer life and is more functional throughout the entire work process.


The advantage of a Bobman Milkbus pasteurization is, among other things, that the heating takes place with the help of water in the double wall around the sides and in the gable of the tub. The system performs a very gentle pasteurization process. The milk does not burn on the bottom and does not acquire an aftertaste. The water is heated in a wall-mounted heating unit, which is equipped with 2 x 10kw heaters. Likewise, cooling also takes place in the double wall with cold water. It is possible to connect ice water, otherwise tap water is used in the cooling process.

Why choose pasteurization?

Colostrum and whole milk provide good growth conditions for bacteria, and it is virtually impossible to avoid bacteria in calves' milk. Calves can thus pick up pathogenic bacteria (pathogens) with the milk. The pathogens can come from an infected udder or from manure residues. In addition, the multiplication of pathogens in milk is linked to insufficient cleaning of udders, pipes, buckets, hands, etc. in connection with the milking process - or in the period after, when the milk is handled and moved.

Heat treatment of calf milk can therefore be a good solution to reduce the number of bacteria. Whole milk pasteurization for calves Sweetened milk can withstand higher heat than colostrum. Pasteurization is not a reset, but a reduction in the number of bacteria. For in-tank pasteurization, you typically aim for heating at 60°C for 60 minutes, or 63°C for 30 minutes. Here it is important that the temperature is not lower than 60°C, otherwise there will not be enough bacteria killing, because the temperature has a great effect on bacteria reduction. Likewise, the temperature should not be much higher than 63°C, as this destroys the good components of the milk and negatively affects the taste.

Technical specifications

  500 L 1000 L 
Wheel Drive     
2WD x x
Battery - Lithium 2x 12v 130 amp  4x 12v 130 amp 
Engine 2,2 KW 5,2 KW
Voltage 48 V 48 V
Ampere 260 Ah 520 Ah
Watt hour 3072 Wh 6144 Wh
Operating time 180 min 180 min
Speed 12 km/t 8 km/t
Noise level  48 db  48 db
Tank volume 500 L 1000 L 
Width 1,3 m 1,3 m
Length 2,3 m 2,3 m
Hight 1,4 m 1,4 m
Weigth 570 kg 620 kg 
Turning diameter 1,8 m 1,8 m
Ground clearance 17 cm 17 cm

500 L

1000 L

Long lifetime

We at Jydeland Maskinfabrik have focus on manufacturing machines spreading machines which not only are effecient and improves the workingflow, but the machines have a durability for the next 10 years. When you buy BOBMAN, you buy quality.


In order to maintain our high level of quality, we always make sure to have the best collaborators on the market. Together we are constantly reassessing our current situation, in order to deliver the best product as possible.

Distribution network

We have dealers in 34 different countries who make sure that you always are in safe hands when you buy BOBMAN machines. Due to the wide distribution network are we able to meet our costumer's wishes, no matter where in the world they are.

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