A multifunctional bedding spreader equipped with vertical auger and conveyor belt.

Why choose Bobman Multiload

  • Simpelifies the process of cleaning and maintenance work.
  • Make the execution of the work more manageable and simple.
  • With bedding dispenser and grooming equipment clean the areas by brushing  the bed stalls and spreads a fresh layer of the chosen bedding in one pass.
  • Reduces cell count, improves hygiene in the stalls and prevents diseases.
  • Increases the cattle's well-being, which results of an improved quality of the milk!

  • Can be equipped with a hydraulic self-loading spreader-box.
  • The volume of the spreader-box is 0,8 m3.​
  • The ideal solution for larger herds.
  • Can be used to add different bedding materials.
  • Can be equipped with a manure scraper.
  • Can be used as a small feeding-mixer.

Technical specifications


For the farmer with a large herd, a BOBMAN Multiload with a diesel engine and with a fuel tank of 5 liters, is the optimal choice. This gives the machine an operating time of 180 minutes, which makes it possible to perform the work in one strecth. The engine has the well-known driving force which provides a solid and robust process.



For the farmer with a smaller herd, the optimal choice would be a BOBMAN Multiload with battery. Depending on the size of the stables, you can chose between two batteries with an operating time of 20 minutes or 50 minutes. Not only do the machines make the execution of the working progress more efficient, but by choosing a engine with battery you also get a more quiet and more environmentally friendly machine.


1WD - -
3WD x -
Engine Hatz 10 hk 
Fuel type Diesel 
Fuel tank 5 L
Operating time 180 min 
Noise level 96 db 
Speed 8 km/t
Engine 4 KW
Voltage 48 V
Battery - Leadcrystal 4x 12v 70 amp 
Operating time 30 min 
Battery - Litrium 4x 24v 65 amp 
Operating time 60 min 
Noise level 61 db 
Speed 10 km/t
Bedding material Manure fiber,peat, lime, disinfectant powder or mixture of chopped, lime and water
Loading Manual or self-loading
Hopper capacity 600 L
Spreading distance 50 cm - 200 cm 
Brush diameter  
Scraper width 1 m
Width 1,1 m
Length 2,5 m
Height 1,6 m
Weight 600 kg
Turning diameter 1,6 cm
Ground Clearance 20 cm

Long lifetime

We at Jydeland Maskinfabrik have focus on manufacturing machines spreading machines which not only are effecient and improves the workingflow, but the machines have a durability for the next 10 years. When you buy BOBMAN, you buy quality.


In order to maintain our high level of quality, we always make sure to have the best collaborators on the market. Together we are constantly reassessing our current situation, in order to deliver the best product as possible.

Distribution network

We have dealers in 34 different countries who make sure that you always are in safe hands when you buy BOBMAN machines. Due to the wide distribution network are we able to meet our costumer's wishes, no matter where in the world they are.

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